Pendant Lamp Roundup

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1. Orange Concrete + Black Metal Pendant, $120

2. Round Metal Pendant, $175

3. Woven Bamboo Pendant, $65

4. Brass Pendant, $65

5. Round Rattan Pendant, $130


Change is good.  Your house needs new jewelry too.

Some of our current favorite pendant lamps in our boutique. 

Our Round Rattan Pendant is open and light, perfect as a pair above a more casual table.  Our striking Orange Concrete + Black Metal Pendants would look great with concrete greys, paired against dark slate navy, or deep burgundy, or as a standout color among a monochromatic scheme.

Our shiny Brass Pendant would look great with pale mauve, bone white, and with  muted green or blues.


Sophia's Tip:

When you buy a new pendant lamp, try it out with a few different bulbs until you find the right one.  There are so many new LED bulbs available on the market, in different shapes, sizes, temperatures, and finishes.  Most LED bulbs, even the dimmable, are designed to be affordable and energy-efficient.








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