• We visit your space, take pictures and measurements, and look at your existing furniture and fixtures.
  • We work with your budget, lifestyle, and taste.  We take into consideration your unique space, lighting, family situation, schedule and concerns.


  • We prioritize your goals and give you our initial set of ideas.  You give us your feedback.


  • We create your color palette and imagery: either a mock-up of the redesigned room, or a list with selections to choose from.


  • We provide you with shop links so that you can shop with ease.


  • We help you style your space for a photoshoot.

Fall in Love 

  • We make sure that you love the results.
Muse Interior Design


"Sophia is the ideal person to assist you in achieving your home decorating goals. She is flexible and pleasant to work with, and she considers your individual taste when making selections to choose from. Sophia has an excellent creative eye and knows how to make any space beautiful!"  - Client, San Anselmo, CA 2018.